Aeschynanthus marmoratus – Zebra Lipstick Plant (3″ pot)


The Zebra Lipstick is a lovely and unique foliage plant perfect for those who love leaves and plants in hanging baskets. It’s great for beginners as well since it’s low maintenance, just keep it in bright indirect light with average water. Easy peasy!

Ships in a 3″ pot.

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This beauty features long cascading branches with zebra-patterned leaves making it perfect for a foliage hanging basket plant. The flowers are inconspicuous in color and are said to resemble a tube of lipstick when in bloom. They can bloom year-round with suitable light conditions and adequate water. Great for bright indirect light areas of your garden or also known to do well indoors. A perfect plant for beginners.

Family:  Gesneriaceae

Origin: West Indies

Light Requirements: Bright, indirect light.

Water Requirements: Water average, well-drained soil preferred.

Minimum Temperature: keep above 50 F

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