Adiantum hispidulum – Rosy Maidenhair Fern (4″ pot)


Adiantum hispidulum is a cute tropical Maidenhair Fern, sporting shiny, twice-divided fronds that start off a charming light bronze and grow into a rich dark green. It grows into a cuddly clump of fluffy fronds, standing up tall and proud. Super darling and easy to grow.

Ships in 4″ pot. 

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Maindenhair ferns prefer soil that is neutral to slightly acidic, loose, and filled with organic matter, maintaining moisture without becoming waterlogged. They thrive in bright, filtered sunlight and are perfect as indoor plants or in seasonal containers placed in consistently humid environments like a greenhouse. Remember to shield them from freezing temperatures to keep them happy and healthy!

FAMILY : Pteridaceae
ORIGIN : Australia
MATURE SIZE : 1-2 ft
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS :  bright indirect light
MIN. TEMP. : best if kept 60 and above, but make sure to protect from freezing

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