Shipping and Returns

Refund/Replacement Policy:

Shipping live plants is very different from other merchandise, and different rules and standards apply.
All orders are professionally packed to ensure the safety of the plants. A few branches and leaves may break in the process, but will not affect the plants health. If a problem does occur when your order is received, please contact us within a 7 day period with a clear photo via e-mail. Failure to notify us of a problem within 7 days of the delivery, and/or failing to provide photo validation voids this warranty. We’re sorry, but we cannot afford any other policy.

If we received a notification and photo within 7 days, we may extend your guarantee for a couple of weeks.
We will require you to e-mail us a picture of the damaged plant within 7 days of arrival. Refunds/replacments will not be considered if we do not receive a photo within 7 days. No need to own a camera. Do you have a cell phone (doesn’t have to be a smart one), tablet, ipad, laptop, etc? All these devices have cameras!

We provide a refund or replacement:

-If you are not satisfied with your plants once they arrive.
Please send us a photo within 7 days. If the plants appear to be in good condition, we will ask you to return the plants to us for a refund. Customer is responsible for shipping charges.

-If there is severe damage due to shipping. Some minor damage in shipping is to be expected, and is not considered to be a defect. Shippers can sometimes handle cargo roughly, however, your plants will be well packaged and protected to every extent possible and guaranteed to arrive alive in good condition.

  • A few branches may be broken. It’s okay, they will grow back.
  • Some leaves may turn yellow and fall off. It’s okay, they will grow back.
  • A few spots may appear on the leaves. It’s okay, light and fresh air will cure the problem.

We do not refund/replace mild damage or flowers that have broken off.

-We are not responsible for plants once they arrive and are growing in your environment. We do not refund plants that die or decline because of reasons beyond our control.


  • All of our plants are tropical and grown outdoors in South Florida.
    We cannot guarantee the success or survival of these plants when placed indoors without the appropriate growing conditions.
  • 7 day guarantee on your plants, just like any other time of the year! You’re covered this winter but only under strict and narrow guidelines. We’ve now extended our warranty to the cold months, but we also ask that you help us get your packages warm and safe to you. Please visit our winter shipping page for more information and our winter shipping tips!
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