An uncommon Tabernaemontana with heavily splashed variegated leaves and double white flowers. The flowers look and smell like a Gardenia, but have a mild fragrance. The flowers can be seen any time of the year in a tropical climate, but the leaves are the most appealing part.

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This is a rarely offered Tabernaemontana that has stunning glossy variegated leaves. You sometimes see more yellow than green on the leaves. This species produces double Gardenia-like flowers. The scent is more mild, but it is very appealing!
It blooms heaviest during the warmer months, but flowers are seen sporadically through out the year in warm climates.

Some common names for this beauty are Crape Jasmine, Crepe Jasmine, Indian Carnation Flower, Creme and Green Double Butterfly Jasmine, Double White Gardenia, and variations of all of the above. However it does not have a strong fragrance.

This shrub grows more or less 6′ high, but can be pruned back. It likes to grow in full sun to partial sun (partial more ideal especially for very hot/humid climates). Keep it slightly moist during warmer months with good drainage. This plant is native to India, China, and Thailand and I would avoid freezing temperatures.

All photos were taken of our mature mother plants, not the plants for sale. 

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