Syzygium wilsonii – Powder Puff Lilly Pilly (check back fall 2024)

Extremely rare collector plant. Pinkish orange new growth makes plant a very attractive foliage plant. Also produces showy puffy magenta flowers once established.  


This special beauty comes from the lowland rain-forest in Queensland, Australia.
It is also known as Powder-puff Lilly Pilly, Watergum, and Plum Satinash.
It is slow growing at the begging, but after established, it forms a beautiful medium size weeping shrub. It will grow nicely in patios, courtyards or in a rainforest garden. It is perfect as a potted plant for small limited gardens as it grows around 4-6 feet to our knowledge.
It prefers to grow in partial sun to bright shady areas, however can adapt to full sun. Watering and fertilizer will be average.
The shrub has handsome lanceolate foliage and develops arching branches. The new growth is pinkish orange and is extremely showy and appealing.
It produces beautiful unusual magenta flowers in the spring and summer. It also can develop white ornamental fruits which are attractive and showy too.
Freezing temperatures should be avoided if possible, but can withstand a light frost.
Extremely rare in the US. Collector plant!

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