Solandra maxima – Variegated Cup of Gold Vine (email for availability)

This is a tropical scandent vine with variegated leaves that can be kept as a shrub in containers. It will produce large, round, golden-colored, coconut-scented flowers that are fragrant in the evening.

Ships in a 6″ pot.
Does not come with flowers.


This large, evergreen tropical vine has white variegation on the leaves making it a perfect plant for foliage lovers. When the leaves first start to appear they are purple, making this an even prettier tropical plant. This vine can spread up to 40 feet if you let it grow, but with lots of pruning it can be kept as a shrub in containers. This plant will produce large, wide rounded, golden, trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers are fragrant with a coconut, vanilla aroma especially in the evening and early morning. This vine is also known as Cup of Gold Vine. They do great in full sun and need to be watered regularly. They can tolerate direct salt spray, and seaside conditions.

FAMILY: Solanaceae
ORIGIN: Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela
SIZE: Can climb up to 40′
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full to partial sun
MIN. TEMP. : Low 30’s for short periods
FLOWER: Fall, Winter
COMMENTS: Salt tolerant

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