SINNINGIA TUBIFLORA – Hardy White Gloxinia


This Sinningia is the only known fragrant Gesneriad. It is an easy to grow succulent plant with fuzzy leaves and scented white flowers during the warmer months. This is a rarely offered tropical plant with an interesting potato-like tuber.

Ships in 4″ pot. These are just waking up.

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Sinningia tubiflora is a very easy plant to grow and bloom. They usually goes dormant during the fall/winter (loosing all leaves) and has to be kept mainly on the dry side. During the spring, the plant wakes up and it starts blooming with white fragrant flowers. It also starts to sprout pretty green, very fuzzy leaves! At this time, frequent watering and regular fertilizer should be applied. This Sinningia will grow anywhere from full sun to filtered light. Freezing temperatures should be avoided. This Sinningia is the Only Known Fragrant Gesneriad! Rarely offered!

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