Platycerium elephantotis – Elephant Staghorn Fern (6″ pot)


This stunning fern is one of a kind. They grow very large bright green fronds with strong rib like veins that appear such as an elephant ear. They are a great plant specimen to mount on to wood, on a tree, or potted in sphagnum moss.

Ships in a 6″ net pot.

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Playtcerium Elephantotis – Native to eastern and central Africa, this unusual plant can reach to be 6 feet, with shield like leaves growing to be 2.5 feet wide. They are well loved for their bright green, massive fronds with strong rib like veins resembling an elephant’s ear. Their mature fronds are very wide, long, and hang down. They can grow just about anywhere (mounted on wood, on a tree, a hanging basket with sphagnum moss, and even on concrete). Warm, humid conditions are ideal for them with bright indirect light. They love the heat and can tolerant less water, however the best conditions to grow them in would be a partially moist environment. Please keep in mind the fronds will eventually dry up and turn brown, but it’s best not to remove them. These dried up leaves help to provide support for the plant. Depending on the type of soil, sunlight, water, and temperate will determine the growth rate of this plant. Their growing season is during the wet and warm seasons (spring and summer); this is when they will first start their growing process by flushing the sterile fronds. Once the new leaves have fully grown the fertile leaves will appear. When the mature plant has become big enough you will find pups at the edges of the leaves in a horizontal line.

FAMILY: Polypodiaceae
ORIGIN: Eastern and Central Africa
18 – 30”
Filtered light
Average, keeping it evenly moist.
60 degrees F and above, not to exceed 40 degrees F.

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