Ebenopsis ebano – Texas Ebony (6″ pot)


This tropical tree is normally grown as a Bonsai tree in a container. This outdoor plant has small leaves and forms really interesting shapes. It develops zig-zag branches and a crooked trunk.

Ships in a 1gallon pot (6″ plastic nursery pot). Does not come styled in a Bonsai pot.

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Ebenopsis ebano, also known as Pithecellobium flexicaule is a great little bonsai subject with small leaves. Commonly known as Texas Ebony, for forming really interesting shapes. Many developing zig-zag branches and a crooked trunk. The branches are covered with thorns so caution should be used when working with the plant.
It can also be grown as a spiny medium size tree. Flowers are only seen if you let it grow. Fruits after the flowers pass for black beads. In the Mexican culture, they are eaten and also used to make decorative jewelry.
A native to Texas and Mexico, if established in the ground as a tree it is very low maintenance and drought tolerant. On the other hand, if it is used as a bonsai in a small pot frequent irrigation will be necessary.

The Bonsai trees in the photos are for reference purposes only. We sell Bonsai starter plants that are in plastic nursery pots and have not been styled.

FAMILY: Leguminosae
ORIGIN: Texas, Mexico
MATURE SIZE: Up to 20′- 30′ or kept small in a container
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full to partial sun
MIN. TEMP. : Mid 20’s for a short period of time
FLOWER : Fragrant; creamy yellow; spring/summer
COMMENTS: Great for Bonsai

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