Philodendron sharoniae ‘San Antonio’ (6″ pot)


This rare climbing evergreen is stunning for its long arrow-shaped leaves textured in ridges that spray out toward the edges. These leathery leaves can get up to 3′ in length! The tropical beauty is fast growing and easy to care for!

Ships in a 6″ pot. The buyer will receive the exact plant in the photos.

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Native to Ecuador and Colombia, this evergreen flowering plant grows at a wide range of altitudes in wet forests and rainforests. To simulate this plants natural habitat as best as possible, Philodendron sharoiae should be placed by bright filtered light and requires humidity- around 60%. These plants like to grow in airy, well-draining soil, something like orchid bark and perlite etc… They like to be watered when their top few inches of soil is dry. 

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