Philodendron erubescens ‘White Knight’ (5″ pot)


This Philodendron can develop red bold stems and bright white variegation and is native to the tropical forests of South America. The leaves come in colors of light green, and dark green, and can even develop burgundy if you’re lucky. This climber is a collector’s aroid and is great for beginners looking to start with because it’s easy to care for as well! 

Ships in a 5″ pot.

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The more light you give it, the more variegation you can see, but no direct afternoon sunlight because it will scorch the plant. The plant will grow slowly if there is not enough light and you might notice flat green leaves.
Allow the top half of soil to dry out completely in between watering. Water until it is dripping out the bottom of the pot. During the cold months, water less.
These plants love to climb trees in their natural habitat, therefore I would recommend a place or object for it to climb. Pot in a chunky soil mix similar to orchid bark, potting soil, coco coir and perlite. Cold temperatures can cause the leaves to droop, avoid anything below 50 F. When the roots begin to poke out of the pot, it is time to repot.

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