Phaleria octandra (Email for availability)

This is a rare attractive flowering shrub found in rainforests and coastal habitats. It produces dense clusters of showy white perfumed flowers in Autumn and red berries that soon follow after in the Spring. Berries are edible and delicious. The white flowers make a striking contrast against the simple, broad, dark green foliage. Birds and butterflies are attracted to this plant.

E-mail us with zip code if interested and we can check latest availability.


This shrub thrives in moist shaded areas. Make sure to not keep the plant sitting in water, just moist. Soil should be well draining. The plant will tolerate filtered sunlight, but thrives in part shade or full shade. This is a tropical plant that enjoys humidity and warmth, protect from freezing temperatures. Water less in Winter. It can get up to 12′ high if it is let to grow on its own, however with pruning it is easy to keep at a desired height.

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