Phalaenopsis deliciosa (3″ pot)


This beautiful orchid is native to Indian subcontinent to Malesia and China. If grown well, these plants can bloom multiple times in a year with multiple flowered inflorescence facing in all directions in the color of pastel pink with white and purple markings. The flowers have a wonderful floral citrus-y fragrance.

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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This orchid is a beautiful epiphyte forming clumps at the base with a short stem and wavy-like leaves up to 6″ long. They prefer filtered light and morning sun, mimicking what it would be like in their native habitat. The flowers are miniature, and the plant does very well mounted on a piece of wood or tree fern with a little wad of moss around the roots to retain extra moisture. When mounted, they need an abundance of water. If you are not mounting, something well draining and airy will do fine, like an orchid bark and perlite mixture.

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