Pereskia grandiflora var. violacea – Rose Cactus (4″ pot)


This Pereskia produces spectacular magenta pink and yellow flowers during the warm months. It also has handsome fleshy green succulent leaves. This Pereskia is very rarely offered. Great for a collector interested in unique plants.

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

In stock


Pereskia’s are considered to be the only cacti that have leaves. This beauty has fleshy green leaves with slight burgundy margins. It can be deciduous depending on climate. The flowers are a bit-rose-like and are very showy in this variety. Lovely shades of magenta, pink and yellow are a great contrast above the green leaves. It flowers on and off during the warm months. Just like a rose, this plant does have thorns. It can be grown in the ground in a tropical climate or can be pruned and contained in a pot which is ideal. Pereskia’s are not very demanding as far as light. They can grow anywhere from full sun to bright shade. It likes water during the growing season and on the dry side during the winter. Freezing temperatures should be avoided. Very rarely offered and is very unique looking.

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