Pavonia multiflora – Brazilian Candles (4″ pot)


An unique tropical plant in the Hibiscus or mallow family with dark green and glossy leaves. It produces unusual purple cone-shaped flowers surrounded by a flashy dark pink or red bract. It can bloom most of the year in a tropical climate.

Ships in 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.

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Also known as “Many Flowers” because sometimes the plant can be covered in blooms. A vertical grower with unique lance-shaped leaves and showy upright flowers that look like they are not fully opened. The flowers are seen on young plants normally in the spring and fall. Flowers can be seen most of the year in a tropical climate.
We suggest growing this plant in a container and protecting it well in the winter.

FAMILY: Malvaceae
ORIGIN: Brazil
LIGHT: Bright shade, filtered light
WATER: Average/medium
MIN. TEMP. : Protect from freezing
FLOWER: Most of the year in a tropical climate

All photos were taken of our mature mother plants in bloom, not of the young plants for sale.

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Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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