Oncidium longipes (mounted)


The sepals and petals are often littered with intricate markings and vibrant colors, ranging from creamy yellows to deep oranges and browns. It’s lip may feature frilly edges or intricate patterns. Most would describe its scent as a faint sweet citrus smell that is only noticeable during the daytime when its flowers are fully opened.

Mounted. Does not ship with flowers.

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Originating from Brazil, Oncidium longipes is petite in size with large flowers. It thrives under plenty of shade with high humidity and warm temperature levels from 65°F to 80°F. Allow soil to dry slightly in between watering, this plant loves consistent moisture but can get root rot if overwatered.  This plant grows best when mounted, with it erupting into blossoms during fall. It typically produces between one to three flowers per spike, these blooms are large relative to the plant’s small stature.

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