Neomarica gracilis – Apostle’s Iris (3″ pot)


This is a tropical walking iris that produces lightly fragrant flowers with white petals and a purple-brown center for several months. This shade-loving plant can be grown in the ground or kept in a container.

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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From the Iris family comes this Neomarica with sword-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers. The delicate flowers last only a day but the plant continues to form new blooms for long periods of time during late spring months. Makes also an excellent houseplant.
This is not a water Iris, be careful not to overwater.
Neomarica gracilis is a type of walking Iris. Once the flower is spent, the stem that it was born on lays on the ground, and from there a new plant is formed. For that reason, it is said to be walking across your garden. You can divide plants and plant them in new locations.

FAMILY: Iridaceae
ORIGIN: Central America
MATURE SIZE: 24″ tall, walking iris
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: filtered light
WATER REQUIREMENTS: keep moderately moist
MIN. TEMP.: low 30’s
FLOWER: fragrant; late winter to spring

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