Mucuna bennettii – Red Jade Vine (6″ pot)


Also known as New Guinea Creeper, this is a large evergreen climber native to the tropical forests of New Guinea. It displays striking fire red clusters of hook-shaped flowers that cascade. It is a seasonal bloomer that once mature and allowed to go, will bloom two to three times a year harboring many inflorescences. This is a beautiful vine that is sure to attract butterflies and birds to your garden!

Ships in 1gallon pot (6″ pot). Does not come with flowers.

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This vine thrives in full sun and moist well-draining soil. Avoid too dense of a soil. Allow the medium to dry out a little in between watering. Water less in Winter. It is salt hardy, making it perfect for coastal gardens. Do not over fertilize. Protect from extreme cold or extreme heat.

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