Morus alba ‘Unryu’ – Corkscrew Mulberry (Email for availability)

Although it does produce small fruit, this Mulberry is most desirable for the interesting gnarled and contorted zig-zag branching/trunk. Very unusual!

Ships in 1gallon pot (6″ pot). Please email us with your zip code for availability.


This is a medium size tree that loves full sun and average water. It can grow more or less 15 feet tall, but can be pruned to limit the size. 
It has beautiful serrated leaves, but does drop all of the leaves in the winter. That’s when this unique crooked plant looks even cooler!

It does produce small fruit that start white and ripens to pink or purple. The fruit is more insignificant than other varieties and this is purchased more for the cool shape.

Gardino Nursery