Mimosa pudica – Sensitive Plant (4″ pot)

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This is a really neat and fun plant because when you touch the leaves, they magically close up. This tropical outdoor plant has attractive fern like leaves and cute pink powder puff pom pom type flowers.

4″ pot plant. Needs express shipping. If interested, please email us with your zip code.
This plant is NOT an indoor plant. May not do well in indoor environment or after poor shipping.


This is a really neat plant because when you touch the leaves, they magically close up. You can even blow on the leaves or shake the plant and the same thing will happen. The leaves open back up within a few minutes. It is amazing and fun to play with it whether you are a child or adult! Some common names for this plant include Sensitive plant, Touch Me Not Plant, Shy Plant, Touch Me Plant. The leaves are safe to touch despite the name (touch me not) but do be aware that the plant does have thorns. Plenty of kids play with the leaves at our local plant shows and none get hurt. We actually have a sign displaying “please touch my leaves” and everyone goes crazy over the plant once they realize what is happening, some even play jokes on their friends and family. This cutie would even be a good idea for a science project or for show and tell.
This plant is a fast grower. It likes to grow outside in direct sun and drinks plenty of water. It gets little pink powder puff flowers on and off through out the year.

FAMILY : Fabaceae
ORIGIN : Brazil
2′ high, 3′ spread
: full sun outdoors
: average to slightly moist
frost tender
pink, most of the year
COMMENTS : touch the leaves and they close

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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