Medinilla miniata – Crimson Medinilla (check back in July)

Generally very hard to find, Medinilla miniata is a tropical ornamental plant with large, deeply veined leaves and clusters of beautiful red flowers that bloom nearly all year long. This Medinilla species is an elegant shrub, grown to be decorating not only by the beauty of its flowers but also by its gorgeous silky leaves.



Medinilla miniata is an erect, tropical shrub originating from the rainforests of the Philippines. It’s happiest when it’s in a tropical and humid environment. It grows like epiphytic orchids so it’s best grown in orchid mix, or well drained, hummus-rich soil. Unlike orchids, though, Medinilla miniata doesn’t absorb atmospheric moisture and nutrients via velamen (the epidermis of aerial roots). Instead, the plant has large succulent green leaves, which hold onto or store moisture similar to other succulent plants. They make great indoor plants since they naturally freshen and filter the air to improve your environment.


FAMILY: Melastomataceae
ORIGIN: Philippines
MATURE SIZE: Up to 5 feet tall
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Likes light, but not directly. Best to keep in semi-shade.
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings.
FLOWER: Scarlet red flowers with yellow stamen and blue pollen tubes that contrast to the scarlet petals. Blooming season starts from March through the warm months.

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