Jasminum nitidum – Angel Wings Jasmine (6″ pot)


This jasmine bears two times the size of flowers as other varieties and emits a sweetly perfumed fragrance. Blooming from April to September, butterflies and birds are attracted. It is a great jasmine to have for its tolerance, tolerating shade, less-than-ideal soils, and temps in the 30s! Great plant for beginners. 

Ships in a 6″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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Synonyms: Jasminum magnificum, Jasminum illicifolium, Star jasmine

Water: Average, slightly moist. Drought tolerant once established.

Light: Full sun to part sun. Will tolerate deep shade

Soil: Dense, nutrient-rich, well-draining soil. Will tolerate less than ideal soils like sandy soils

Temps: Can tolerate temps as low as 30 degrees F.

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