Hoya ‘Paula’ GN-01 (2.5″ pot)


Gardino Nurseries first hybrid, named after the owner’s daughter. Paula also works at the nursery and does the weekly Hoya restock!
It has attractive leaves that sun-stress easily, grows really fast, and produces lovely cream and pink fragrant flowers. It blooms all the time for us and doesn’t stop growing. I am constantly propagating it because it just goes wild. It is beautiful and I recommend it for every collection or maybe I am biased.

Ships in 2.5″ pot. Photo #2 and #3 ONLY, are an example on size plant for sale. 
Our plants are grown outside in FL; imperfections/blemishes are typical for this one.

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This is a natural hybrid that occurred at our nursery. It is a suspected cross between H. paulshirleyi (mother) and H. albida (father). GN stands for Gardino Nursery.
It is a vigorous grower and much stronger than H. paulshirleyi for me.  It has beautiful green foliage with cream venation. Some leaves have black margins.

Both H. paulshirleyi and H. albida are frequent bloomers for me. It produces adorable cream flowers with pink corona. A nice combination of both parents. The flowers have a pleasant floral scent.

Regina, the owner of Gardino Nursery named this Hoya after her daughter Paula, who also works at Gardino Nursery.

***Important, please read.
We have sold seedlings from Hoya paulshirleyi which were also believed to be a cross between H. paulshirley and H. albida. If you received one of these from us, please understand that they are not considered to be Hoya ‘Paula’ and the name should not be changed. We made a mistake calling it Hoya GN-01.
We chose one exceptional seedling from the bunch and have named that one Hoya ‘Paula’. Only plants propagated from this plant are considered to be Hoya ‘Paula’. Please do not change the name of your plant if it was not sold as such. Your plant may develop different leaves and flowers.

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