Hedychium longicornutum – Perched Gingerwort (email for availability)

One of the most beautiful and bizarre Hedychiums that produce show-stopping flowers in the spring. It is a small ginger growing up to 3′ tall and loves shade or filtered locations. Very unusual, rarely offered, for collectors.

Ships in 4″ pot. Needs a larger pot. May be CUT to fix in a box for shipping. Please email us with your zip code for availability. 


The long and thin, but flashy yellow and red/orange flowers are curly in a shape of a ball with a few straight ones standing up like a tiara. Very long white stamens with yellow tips stick out of the flower cluster. You can see this striking inflorescence in the spring. 
This tropical plant in the Zingiberaceae family is related to the popular butterfly gingers. It is commonly known as Perched Gingerwort or Hornbill’s Ginger. It is a small ginger reaching an average 3′ tall that likes shady locations. It is an epiphytic ginger, therefore good drainage and aeration is a must for its roots. It likes moist summers and slightly dry conditions during the winter. I don’t know how much cold it can handle, but temperatures below 45F should be avoided. This is perhaps one of the most bizarre but also most beautiful Hedychiums out there. It is native to Malaysia.
All photos were taken of our mature mother plants, not the exact plants for sale.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 40 in
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