Ficus villosa – Shaggy Leaf Fig (4″ pot)


Also known as Shaggy Leaf Fig, this is an unusual creeping Ficus! The leaves and stems are covered in fuzzy hairs, they are so fun to touch. New growth is copper, red, and burgundy shades and turns dark green with maturity. Loves to attach to things, climbing or crawling. It is a great plant to add to a collection or to take up space in a shady area in the garden.

Ships in 4″ pot.

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This plant thrives in shade and medium to low filtered light. Wait until the top few inches of medium has dried in between watering. Don’t let water sit on the leaves, they really do not enjoy it and you can risk losing leaves. Medium to high humidity is needed to keep these thriving. They are slow growing. Give it something to climb if you don’t want it growing leggy. Planted outside, these can get 8′ and higher, climbing up trees and crawling on the ground.

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