Ficus triangularis – Variegated Ficus Triangularis (6″ pot)


This is a rare, tropical plant, great to be added to your indoor plant collection. An easy to care for beauty that will help brighten up any indoor or outdoor space. It gets its name based off their triangle shaped leaves which range in a variety of green and cream colors.

Ships in a 1 gallon pot (6″ pot).

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Ficus triangularis ‘Variegated’ – a beautiful, popular, tropical plant native to South Africa perfect for your indoor houseplant collection. It’s an uncommon relative to the ficus family, closely related to the fiddleleaf fig. They have triangle shaped leaves (which is where their name comes from) that grow on compact stiff stems. The leaves are thick and waxy, and range from different shades of green and cream colored. Each leaf can take on different color patterns making each plant super unique and pretty. It’s said to be a rather strong plant compared to other members of the ficus family, so its could be great for beginners. They are a pretty slow growing plant but can eventually reach to be about 6 feet in height. Give this plant the perfect spot in bright indirect light, the brighter the light, the better the variegation will be on the new foliage and the happier the plant will be, just be careful not to place it in direct light or close to heating and cooling ducts. It does good with average water just be mindful not to overwater it. Fertilize in the spring and summer to keep it growing strong. Pruning is not necessary but can be done to give it a certain shape and to help it become bushier and fuller.


FAMILY: Moraceae
ORIGIN: South Africa
4 – 6 feet
Bright indirect light
60 – 80 degrees F.

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