Eugenia brasiliensis – Grumichama – Brazilian Cherry (4″ pot)


An attractive large shrub/small tree with thick, green, glossy leaves. Produces red to dark purple/black cherries. Perfect addition to your edible garden.

Ships in a 4″ pot. Does not come with fruit.

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Eugenia brasiliensis, also known as Grumichama or Brazilian Cherry. Native to Southeastern Brazil. It can grow to be a large shrub or small tree around 6 – 25 ft tall but can also reach around 45’ in its native environment. They are pretty slow growers only growing about a foot in height per year. They have green, glossy leaves and bloom white flowers periodically starting in spring through fall. They are self-fruitful but may require hand pollination if the insects are not attracted to the flowers. From seed, they usually take 4 to 5 years to produce the cherry-type fruit. The fruit is usually colored a dark purple almost black when ripened but starts from green to red. They have a sweet, juicy reddish-white pulp inside, usually taking 3 – 4 weeks to ripen. These fruits are delicate and should be handled with care as they have thin fragile skin. They require well-draining soil and full sun in the cooler months but can do well in partial shade.


FAMILY: Myrtaceae

ORIGIN: Southeastern Brazil

USES: Ornamental, edible garden

MATURE SIZE: 6′ – 25’ but can reach 45’ in its native environment

LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full sun to partial shade

WATER REQUIREMENTS: Average, well-draining soil

MIN. TEMP.: low 30’s to 80’s

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