Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Marble’ (check back later)


Also known as Marble King Pothos, this plant has long and narrow variegated leaves that fenestrate early on, especially when it has something to climb on. The leaves are variegated heavily and resembles marbling in the shades of white, cream and splashes of green.

Ships in a 4″ pot. Grower’s choice.

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This Epipremnum should be placed in bright indirect light, and have a good bit of humidity due to its tropical nature. The more indirect light, the better the variegation. It needs airy, chunky, well-draining soil- something like potting mix, orchid bark and perlite. This plant is sensitive to overwatering, a good indication is brown leaves/spots. When the top few inches of soil is dry, then it is ready to be thoroughly watered again. Watering will be more frequent in warmer months, less in cooler months. This plant will have a hard time growing if the temperature is under 65 degrees F.

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