Epidendrum ciliare (4″ HB)


This species of Epidendrum is native to Mexico as well as central and south America. The star-shaped, whispy, waxy flowers are fragrant, smelling citrusy. The petals and sepals are long and curl toward the edges. The labellum is white, with frilly and thin whisker-like edges. If you enjoy elegant flowers that smell beautifully, this would fit great into the collection. 

Ships in 4″ hanging basket.

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This orchid prefers to dry in between waterings, and placed in bright indirect light. You want a well-draining chunky medium to use, like a mix of orchid bark, perlite and charcoal for example. This plant prefers humidity and requires some air circulation. The air circulation is important for proper drying and keeping the leaves cooled down. The plant will also do great mounted, it displays really well this way. If you choose to mount the plant, watering will be needed more frequently. Still allow the roots to dry out in between watering. Protect from freezing temperatures. 

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