Encyclia cordigera (4″ hanging basket/BS)


Native to Mexico stretching through central America and northern south America all the way to Brazil, this orchid blooms in late Winter to Spring, sometimes blooming twice a year. The flowers stay for about a month and are fragrant when in sunlight, shade takes the scent away. It produces many inflorescences that hold several flowers and the flower color varies from green to maroon as well as pink, like the one we have pictured. The petals and sepals curl at the edges. It produces the prettiest large frilly lip. This beautiful orchid would look great in any home or garden!

Ships in a 4″ hanging basket. Doesn’t come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.

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This is a warm growing orchid. Place in very bright indirect light, these need lots of light to bloom each year, the longer it can sit in indirect light the better! This plant needs a lot of drainage. Make sure to not overwater these. Let the medium completely dry out in between watering. When potting, pot in shallow pots with lots of drainage and a fast drying medium. Something like orchid bark, perlite and pumice does great. Do not repot too often. They do lovely mounted and make for a stunning display. Medium to high humidity is recommended. This orchid can be transferred to direct sunlight gradually, however when doing so note that the scorching midafternoon sun is something to try and avoid.

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