Encyclia bractescens (2″ pot)


This stunning orchid is found in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala in humid forests, blooming colorful star-shaped flowers in late Winter and Spring. Each inflorescence can hold up to 12 long lived flowers. The petals are sparkly in the right light and come in a gradient of colors. Shades of red and brown petals that gradually transitioning to an orange, yellow or even green shade. The column is green or yellow sometimes with red outlining and the labellum is a pattern of stripes in shades of white and lilac purple. I recommend this exotic orchid to any flower fanatic!

Ships in a 2″ pot. Does not come with flowers. If out of stock, please email us with your zip code for availability.

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This is a small epiphyte, it loves to dry out quickly after being watered, so it does best in small pots with coarse orchid bark or mounted to a piece of wood or tree branch. Water after the plant has been completely dry for a few days. Water more often during new growth. Thrives in bright indirect sunlight, direct light will scorch the leaves and flowers. If given enough light, the plant blooms frequently. They enjoy air circulation and some humidity. Repot once the material in the pot has broken down or when the roots have circled the pot.

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