Dombeya wallichii – Tropical Hydrangea – Pink Ball Tree (check back in June)

Dombeyas are not true Hydrangea’s, but the flowers closely resemble the popular Hydrangea flower. This is a large shrub or bushy tree that grows in tropical locations only. The large pink dangling flowers have a sweet fragrance that remind me of a birthday cake or cake batter.


This is a fast growing medium size tree. It can be grown as a large shrub too. As a tree it can grow to 15′ in height but it can be kept smaller with some trimming. Trimming should be done after the flowers are gone in the spring until mid September. The old flowers remain on the plant for a long time. Cleaning up the dry flower heads is advisable for a neat appearance. I also recommend that it be kept at a manageable size in order for you to be able to trim it back every year after flowering. You can trim it pretty much as far back as is necessary

without deforming the tree. Dombeya wallichii doesn’t loose its leaves in the winter unless that the temperature falls to the low 20’s. It likes full sun, plenty of water and fertilizer during the growing season. The plant will produce its flowers (fragrant) at the beginning of the year and
they should last for over 1 month. It is a strong grower and even though it is possible to grow it in a container for many years, it will perform better in the ground. The flowers, in my opinion, smell like a birthday cake or cake batter. Very delicious!

FAMILY : Sterculiaceae
ORIGIN : Africa
TYPE/USES : large shrub, small tree
MATURE SIZE : 12′-15′ average
GROWTH RATE : very very fast
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : full/partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS : average to high
MIN. TEMP. : low 30’s for a short period of time
FLOWER : winter, sweet fragrance

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 24 in
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