Dischidiopsis parasitica (2″ pot)


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This is a tropical succulent plant related to a Hoya and Dischidia that produces unusual fuchsia color flowers. It likes shade and looks nice in a hanging basket. This is an easy to grow plant recommended for beginners.

Ships in 2″ pot. Starter plant. Does not come with flowers.

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Dischidias and Dischidiopsis are “Hoya cousins!” They are easy to grow and don’t require much attention. They do best outside in filtered light or indoors with lots of light and good air circulation. They like to have good drained soil. Fertilizer is average and it is best to avoid freezing temperatures. Dischidias flower normally during the warmer months when mature.

D. parasitica is a really good bloomer once mature. A lot of Dischidias don’t have very showy flowers, but this species has very cute fuchsia colored flowers that stand out. This species is native to The Philippines. I would recommend it for a beginner.

The pictures showing flowers were previously taken of my mother plant, not the plant for sale.


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