Cuphea micropetala – Candy Corn Plant (local pickup, wholesale, or FL only)


Fast growing evergreen bloomer known for its small, tubular flowers, each colored in vivid yellow and orange/red hues with white tips that resemble candy corn. A great plant for fall color, as it displays the orange and reds associated with this harvest season and is very attractive to bees and hummingbirds.

This plant does not ship well. We are offering them for local pickup, wholesale or can ship to FL. Please email us with zip code if interested.

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Cuphea micropetala also known as Candy Corn Plant or Cigar Plant is a Mexican native, fast-growing woody shrub. It’s best known for its abundant and gorgeous bi-colored candy corn flowers. Each plant creates a mass of slender, red branches with lance-shaped, mid-green leaves measuring 2-6 inches long. At the tip of the branches are bursts of unusual cigar-like flowers, each 1-1/4 inches long and softly hairy. The flowers when first emerging are yellow and age to orange from the base up, giving many of the flowers a two-toned appearance, and have long exerted stamens and exude a slightly sticky substance that makes the inside of the flower glisten. Flowers typically appear in late summer and fall, just in time for migrating hummingbirds. It is recommended to plant in light shade to full sun with regular to occasional irrigation. This plant is moderately drought tolerant once well-established. It’s an evergreen plant in frost-free places; but a die back perennial in colder areas, returning in the spring in upper USDA zone 8. The plant is cold hardy to 25 degrees F.


FAMILY: Lythraceae
ORIGIN: Mexico
MATURE SIZE: 2-3’ tall, 3-4’ wide
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Light shade/Part sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Average watering
FLOWER: Yellow & orange flowers bloom in summer and fall; flowers attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies

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