Coelogyne rochussenii (6″ baskets/email us for availability)


This orchid is native to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. It displays beautiful long hanging spikes, harboring as many as 50 green and yellow fragrant flowers. The scent is sweet and candy-like, especially fragrant in the morning and less fragrant at night. They will sit happily in a sunny spot in the window, or thrive placed in indirect light outside!

Ships in a 6″ basket. Does not come with flowers. Please email us your zip code if you are interested.

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This plant enjoys warm temperatures, bright indirect light, both humidity and air circulation. It needs enough light to bloom. Grow in sphagnum or something similar that will hold onto moisture. Do not overwater, with a medium that holds water well, it won’t be often that they need watered. Let the medium dry a little in between watering. Protect from freezing.

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