Coelogyne pandurata (6″ pot)


This orchid is one of the few that has actual black, not just dark purple on its flower. Blooming in clusters on an inflorescence, the 3-4″ flowers are sour apple green with a black accented lip, patterned as though ink has splattered and spilled onto it. Along with its stunning appearance, the flowers typically harbor a delightful fragrance. The foliage is a darker green than the flowers. The species is very easy to grow with some consistency, I recommend to any beginner!

Ships in 6″ pot.

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This species is a cool to warm growing orchid and is almost always in a state of growing, so keeping the potting medium slightly and evenly moist is recommended. The plant should be placed in low to medium indirect light, limited direct early morning or evening sun is just fine, but stay away from direct afternoon sun or the plant will burn. If you see burns on the leaves even in limited direct morning or evening sun, then place it in an indirectly lit spot and slowly acclimate it to more light. For the potting medium, a sphagnum and bark mix works great, providing excellent drainage as well as retaining some moisture. Allow the medium to dry slightly in between watering, the plant can root rot if it is overwatered. For fertilization, low concentration year-round feeding is recommended for optimal growth. You could opt for an organic route by putting some compost in with the sphagnum and bark. The plant grows large quickly and the flowers get around 4″ big. The plant will easily root by division. Protect from freezing temperatures. 

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