Cattleya skinneri ‘Heiti Jacobs’ (4″ pot) (check back in July)


This orchid is native to Central America where it thrives in the humid Mountain Forests stretching from Southern Mexico to Costa Rica. It is a natural hybrid found on tree trunks and branches, blooming in the Winter through the Spring. The flowers are slightly fragrant and they don’t all bloom at once, producing the most beautiful display of pink/purple flowers. The flower’s lip is bell shaped but pointed forward, harboring a beautiful white/cream shade. 

Ships in a 4″ pot. Does not come with flowers, but is mature to bloom.

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Cattleya skinneri ‘Heiti Jacobs’ is a natural hybrid between Cattleya x Guatemalensis. This orchid needs a fair amount of bright indirect light and humidity. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves and flowers. Let the plant dry out in between watering, and water less in the Winter. Pot with a very well-draining chunky soil mix like orchid bark, perlite and charcoal or mount on a piece of wood. 

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