Cattleya lueddemanniana (4″ HB)


Native to Venezuela, Cattleya leuddemanniana grows close to sea-level along the north slope of the coastal mountains, blooming stunning purple flowers in the Spring and sometimes in September/October. The purple color has a beautiful iridescent tint, it almost glows, which is unique amongst the Cattleya species. This species is relatively easy to care for and would make a great addition to a home or tropical garden!

Ships in a 4″ hanging basket. Does not come with flowers. If out of stock, please email us with your zip code if interested.

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Cattleya leuddemanniana is a sun lover, it needs a lot of sun and warm nights to bloom well. It is almost full sun, put it in a place where it gets very very bright filtered light and air flow. It can be planted in bark mix, and benefits from a little fertilizing; however, refrain from fertilizing while it’s dormant or you may kill the plant. Allow the plant to dry thoroughly in-between waterings.

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