Cattleya chocoensis (4″ HB)


This rare Cattleya is found in Brazil and native to the forest floors of Columbia. Until the late 1800s, it was mistaken for C. trinae because of their similar color patterns. The white flowers with accents of purple and yellow have a delightfully sweet fragrance and bloom in Fall/Winter. The petals don’t fully open up, giving the flower an unusual bell shape, which the orchid developed as a survival mechanism. This unique orchid will brighten any home or garden!

Ships in a 4″ hanging basket. Does not come with flowers. If out of stock, please email us with your zip code.

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This rare Cattleya chocoensis, also known as Cattleya quadricolor var. semi-alba, is a relatively easy orchid to care for. They need shaded, indirect sunlight and more moisture than other orchids, so water well and often. Pot in a terrestrial, sandy mix that drains well. This species has a great resistance to root rot since their native conditions are marshy, where the plants are drenched in a heavy mist all year round. They bloom in the Fall/Winter and the flowers stay for about a month. 

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