Catasetum tenebrosum (3″ pot)


Catasetum tenebrosum is a medium-sized growing epiphytic species native to South America, specifically Ecuador and Peru. They bloom dark brown to almost black flowers which have a bright, ivory green lip. The flowers have a spicy fragrance and can bloom around 6-12 flowers.

Ships in a 3″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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This South American species is a great specimen to own! In their native land they can be found grown on trees or on rocks in very humid mountainous forests. These orchids like hot, tropical climates and tend to do really well in rainy summer months. It’s known for being one of the most desirable orchids in the Catasetum species. This variety of orchid can grow about 6 – 8, narrow, fan like leaves that bloom from the basal node. The flowers bloom a nice rice dark maroon, reddish brown color, with a yellowish, ivory green lip. They bloom from spring to fall, as they become dormant in the winter they will begin to lose their leaves because they are deciduous. A pot or a basket is necessary for these orchids; however they don’t like to be over potted. Using a good potting media that will not stay too wet but rather damp will be beneficial in keeping this orchid healthy. It’s recommended to fertilize every third time you water when the plants are mature and are flowering/producing new growth, during the growing season. Once the leaves have fallen off in the fall time, stop fertilizing and provide just enough water to keep the pseudobulbs from drying up. Depending on the type of light that is provided you can produce male or female flowers. Bright light brings female flowers, and medium shaded light brings male flowers.


FAMILY: Orchidaceae
ORIGIN: Ecuador and Peru
12” tall
Bright indirect light/medium shaded light
Average, keeping damp
55 – 85 degrees F.
Spring, summer

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