Campyloneurum angustifolium – Narrow Strap Fern (Email for availability)


This fern is native to Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Central America and South America. It is endangered here in Florida. It grows on trees in the wild in swamps and rainforests. It sheds spores, sori. The sori is round, scattered across the undersides of the leaves. A very unusual, beautiful fern. It does well mounted or potted in a basket of chunky fast drying medium in humid tropical climates.

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This fern needs watered regularly and potted in soil with plenty of nutrients, compost is a great organic option. Soil should be well draining and still retains a bit of moisture. Keep the soil moist, but don’t leave standing in water or root rot will occur. It grows in part shade, light shade and full sun in some areas. If you see sun burn, move your plant to a shadier spot. 

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