Bulbophyllum sikkimense (2″ pot)


This orchid is native to Northeast India in warm humid tropical jungles, it is a miniature epiphyte blooming in Spring. The flowers are a beautiful display of pink and yellow in the pattern of stripes. At the base of the flowers, the petals that hang, typically a yellow-ish green, have a pattern of tiny polka dots that create a hue of pink sometimes red, reminding me of pink lemonade. 

Ships 2″ pot. Does not come with flowers.

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The flowers of this orchid present beautifully when displayed growing on trees or mounted to a piece of wood. Wrap some sphagnum around the roots when mounting to retain a bit of moisture. It can also be potted in sphagnum moss. This plant can be watered often when new growth is taking course, still allowing the top few inches of medium to dry in between watering, and water much less in cooler months- especially when it is very cold. Place where there is partial shade and some humidity.

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