Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis (mounted)


This unusual species of Bulbophyllum gets its name from having foliage similar to Phalaenopsis, and it is the largest species of the Bulbophyllum! It is native to Papua New Guinea, near Australia. It is known for its long leaves that droop elegantly and huge clusters of gorgeous red stinky flowers. The large flowers are a beautiful shade of deep red with yellow hairs that look dusted over top, almost making them look sparkly!

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It takes medium to high levels of light to bloom and lots of humidity and warmth. The more humidity and warmth, the longer and broader the leaves grow. It looks beautiful mounted to wood or a tree or in a hanging basket. It enjoys drying out before being watered again and grows well in a well-draining medium of orchid bark and perlite if you wish to pot it. 

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