Brunfelsia nitida – Lady of the Night (4″ pot)


This is an easy growing tropical shrub, whose flowers emit a pleasantly strong fragrance in the evening, hence its nickname. It has attractive shiny green foliage, and waves of white or cream colored tubular flowers. As an aromatic houseplant, this beauty can perfume your home as well.


Ships in 4″ pot.

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Brunfelsia nitida also known as ‘Lady of the Night’ is an evergreen tropical shrub native to the Caribbean, where the plant is commonly harvested in the wild for local use as a medicine. It’s grown as an ornamental in gardens or as a houseplant. Flowers emerge white and age to a creamy color, emitting a pleasing spicy fragrance in the evening. As the first flush of flowers begin to fade, new flower buds form for a succession of bloom. Flowers hold for a long time and a happy specimen can show off hundreds on any given evening. It preforms exceptionally well in containers as well as in-ground.


FAMILY: Solanaceae
ORIGIN: Puerto Rico, Cuba
MATURE SIZE: 2’ to 4’ tall and wide
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Full to partial sun
WATER REQUIREMENTS: Average water; can tolerate a bit of dryness
FLOWER: Fragrant white, creamy colored flowers appear mainly from late spring through fall, but with sufficient warmth and sun, sporadically year-round. Flowers measure 3 to 5 inches.

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