Brunfelsia isola – Purple Lady of the Night (Email for availability)


This is slow growing evergreen shrub that displays showy purple white fragrant flowers, growing a few feet tall. The purple on the flowers can change to a cream or yellow, leaving hints of purple along the edges of the petals. The fragrance fills the yard with its sweet jasmine-like scent. Butterflies and moths pollinate this plant. 

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This is a cultivar, a cross between B. americana and B. grandiflora. It grows in tropical and subtropical climates and is sensitive to the cold so make sure to protect it from freezing temperatures. Grows in full sun to part sun with average watering. During the warm months watering is just about every day or so, reduce watering in the Winter. Some protect the plant from freezing in the ground by draping a cloth overtop and mulching well, however you may want to grow this plant in a pot if you’re in too cold of a climate. The soil should be nutrient rich and well draining. 

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