Brassavola cucullata (mounted/near blooming size)


Brassavola cucullata is a small orchid native to Mexico and central America. The flowers are whispy, curly and elegant, it looks like they are dancing! The leaves are long, thin and whispy. This orchid is very fragrant, but only at night, smelling of vanilla and lilies. The greens and yellows transition colors on the petals and sepals into a bright cream colored frilly lip. This sweet, elegant orchid would be happy to put on a show in any home or garden.

Ships mounted. Does not come with flowers but near blooming size.

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Brassavola cucullata, although similar, is different than the orchid David Sander. This orchid needs as much bright indirect light as possible, and can take some direct morning sun but not a lot! Mount on cork with sphagnum or pot in orchid bark and perlite. When the medium has fully dried out, they are ready for more water, and water them thoroughly. They will take more water in the warmer months than the cooler months. If it sits in a highly humid spot, provide air circulation. Do not fertilize in Winter.

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