Anthurium pseudospectabile (4″ pot)


This is a rare tropical aroid plant for collectors and foliage lovers. This evergreen develops spectacular long green leaves that darken as the plant matures. They have a waxy texture with beautiful veins. The leaves are very elongated, reaching up to 7′ long! It makes for a great addition to an aroid collection or to take up a shady spot in the garden!

Ships in a 4″ pot.

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Place in a semi shady spot where there isn’t direct sun hitting the leaves. This is Anthurium is rarely, if ever, found in soil. Being an epiphyte it enjoys being mounted to something to grow, as it does in nature. Keep it in a warm environment with plenty of humidity. It likes to stay moist but not wet. It is suitable in a hanging basket. Pot in a nutrient rich potting mix that is well draining and chunky. Or mount on a piece of wood, a tree or even rocks. They will allow this plant to climb and thrive. The inflorescence grows on a peduncle.

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