Alpinia nutans – False Cardamom – Dwarf Cardamom (4″ pot)


Alpinia nutans, or false cardamom is a fragrant plant so rich in smell that a simple brushing past it will release its enticingly pungent fragrance. Although not cardamom, the leaves can still be used for culinary purposes. Beautifully full in dark green foliage with long leaves that reach out from where they’re growing, white flowers with red and yellow insides bloom in Spring.

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Unlike true cardamom that is grown for its seeds (cardamom spice), Alpinia nutans is primarily grown for its very aromatic leaves. The entire plant is covered in fine soft fuzzy hairs and the leaves are more matte than glossy. These fast growing plants are hardy and flourish in filtered shade/shady areas in tropical and subtropical climates and do well as indoor house plants. When growing outdoors, if it is not protected from a freeze, it will die back and re-emerge in the Spring from the rhizomes IF the ground doesn’t fully freeze. They should be kept evenly moist in the warmer months, in nutrient rich free-draining soil and watered less in cooler months. 

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