Aechmea brevicollis (email for waiting list)


This succulent is stunning. It looks quite attractive when not in bloom because of its gray/silver splotching variegation on the leaves, however when blooming season comes around, a gorgeous baby pink flower is produces and the two together is a stunningly beautiful display! It makes a great house plant and is easy to care for.

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Grow in very bright indirect light, it needs lots of light to keep the silver variegation rich and full. Direct sun will burn the plant though! It’s important to know these plants are naturally epiphytes in nature, so if it’s being grown in a pot overwatering is easy to do and not healthy for the plant. I recommend a chunky airy soil like bark and charcoal etc if grown in a pot, and letting the medium completely dry in between watering. Try not to water the center of the plant where water can sit in between the crevices of the leaves and create rot. Greatly reduce watering in the Winter. The plant enjoys humidity, any range of low to high is fine. Protect from freezing tempratures.

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