Zygostates lunata (check back spring 2024)

This beautiful orchid is native to Brazil, growing in misty forests and mossy trees. The species is quite striking, displaying many cascades of green flowers. When mature, the cascades and leaves are so abundant that when they hang and droop, they elegantly flow in a way that reminds me of a waterfall. Blooming in Spring and Summer, the flowers are green, yellow and a hint of white. 


This species thrives in medium to low indirect light and partial shade. Keep out of direct sunlight or the plant will burn. This orchid however is versatile when it comes to temperatures, tolerating as low as 40 degrees F and as high as 95 degrees F! In nature, they survive a very hot humid summer and a cold Winter. They need watered often, keep the medium/soil slightly moist, especially when mounted. When potting, pot in a chunky well-draining soil like orchid bark, perlite and charcoal. Provide a bit of humidity. You can easily achieve that by placing it next to other plants, just make sure it’s next to other shade plants. 

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